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NTi Import Templates    1/1, 1/3

Strutt|Equipment|Meters|NTi allows the user to import, format and use measured data from the NTi sound meter.

To use the NTi Import feature, save all of the data text files into a single folder (it will only process files in the top-level of the selected folder)

Choose the folder containing the text files and click 'OK'

Select the parameters you would like displayed (Note that A-weighted Leq, Lmax and Lmin values are displayed by default). Some of the options in the user form may not be available in the chosen NTi data set and will be ignored if they cannot be found.

The data will be sorted into 3 template sheets: an octave-band sheet, a third-octave band sheet, and a statistical data sheet. Data will be entered into all three sheets automatically, with 1/1 and 1/3 octave band data going to the template of the same type.

The statistical data sheet displays the broadband statistics for each measurement, and is useful as a quick overview of the data:

The download templates use a different format to the rest of Strutt due to the extended frequency range of the measurements. Some Strutt calculations may therefore not work properly in a download template sheet due to the different column layout, and so it is highly recommended that the user does not use Strutt's calculations in a download template sheet. It is recommended that all calculations be done in a standard Strutt blank calculation sheet, and the Row Reference and 1/3 Octave Level to 1/1 Octave features of Strutt be used to transfer/convert the measurement data from the template to the calculation sheet.

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