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1/3 to 1/1 Octave Band Level

Strutt|1/3 to 1/1 Octave Level converts a row of 1/3 octave sound levels to a 1/1 octave row, which is entered into the active row of the worksheet.

Strutt prompts the user to browse for a row of 1/3 octave data to convert to 1/1 octaves, and checks to see that the selected row is a 1/3 octave row. Strutt will convert the target row into 1/1 octaves and display it in the active row. If the active row is a 1/3 octave row, then Strutt will fill in the octave band centre frequencies of the 1/3 octave row with the values.

Strutt calculates the 1/1 octave level with:


where Loctis the 1/1 octave level and L1,2,3 are the 1/3 octave levels.

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