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Crosstalk Sheet Insert

Strutt|Blank Sheets|Crosstalk inserts a blank duct crosstalk Strutt calculation sheet into the current workbook.

The sheet includes a template area for calculating the incident SPL on the duct opening for a crosstalk, using the Reverberant Level (from RT) calculation to obtain the reverberant SPL in the source room, and then calculating the incident sound power on the duct as follows:

`L_("W,in") = L_"p,rev" + 10logS -6`

`L_("p,rev")` is the reverberant sound level in the source room
`S` is the area of the duct opening (mē)

The duct losses, any regenerated noise in the duct and the room noise level calculation are as per the Mechanical Services Calculation Sheet.

This function can also be accessed by right-clicking on the ply (the set of tabs at the bottom of the Excel window with the sheet names), using the Context-Sensitive Menus

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