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Reverberant Sound Level (from RT)    1/1, 1/3

Strutt|Building Acoustics|Reverberant Sound Level (from RT) inserts the reverberant sound pressure level into the active row of the worksheet.

The reverberant sound pressure level is calculated using the equation:

`L_(p,rev) = L_W - 10log_10(V) + 10 log_10(T) + 14`

`L_W` is the source sound power level (dB)
`V` is the room volume (m3)
`T` is the room reverberation time

Note that this approach is an approximation for situations where the average room absorption coeffient `alpha_(ave)` is low; for cases where the average room absorption is high, consider using the Reverberant Level (From Room Constant) calculation instead.


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