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Strutt|Vibration|Lw from Vibrating Surface calculates the sound power level of a vibrating surface.

Strutt implements the formula as:

`L_w = 10log((S rho_0 c_0 sigma v^2)/W_(ref))`

`L_w` is the radiated sound power level of the vibrating surface (dB re 1 pW)
`v` is the vibration velocity (m/s) of the vibration surface
`S` is the surface area (m) of the vibrating surface
`rho_0` is the density of air (kg/m), by default 1.21 kg/m
`c_0` is the speed of sound in air (m/s), by default 343 m/s
`sigma` is the radiation efficiency of the vibrating surface (usually 1.0 above the critical frequency of the surface)
`W_(ref)` is the reference sound power level of `1*10^-12` (W)

Reference: Bies and Hansen Engineering Noise Control, Third Edition Section 6.7

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