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Static Deflection from Resonant Frequency   1/1, 1/3

Strutt|Vibration|Isolation Design|Static Deflection from Resonant Frequency calculates the static deflection of an isolator from the resonant frequency of the isolator and static to dynamic stiffness ratio of the isolator material. The calculated static deflection (mm) is inserted into Column F of the active row on the worksheet.

Strutt calculates static deflection using the following formula:

`d = (1000 g K_r)/(2 pi f_0)^2`

`d` is the static deflection of the isolator, mm
`f_0` is the resonant frequency of the isolator, Hz
`K_r` is the ratio of static to dynamic stiffness of the isolator
`g = 9.81 \ m//s^2` is gravitational acceleration

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