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Ground Vibration Levels from Blasting   1/1, 1/3

Strutt|Vibration|Blasting|Ground Vibration estimates the ground vibration expected from any particular blasting operations.

Strutt implents the formula as:

`V = K_g*(R/Q^(1//2))^(-B)`

`V` is the ground vibration as vector peak particle velocity, mm/s
`R` is the distance between charge and point of measurement, m
`Q` is the maximum instantaneous charge (effective mass per delay), kg
`K_g` and `B` are constants related to site and rock properties for estimation purposes.

The constants `K_g` and `B` will vary from site to site. The Strutt default values of `K_g = 1140` and `B = 1.6` are the average conditions for blasting on a free face given in AS2187.2-2000.


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