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Introduction to Mechanical Calculations    1/1, 1/3

This guide is intended as an introduction to mechanical calculations for those who are new to Strutt.

Strutt provides a series of formatted calculations sheets (with particular frequencies always located in particular columns), in addition to a ‘toolbox’ of functions/calculations. This allows the user to build up a calculation element by element.

A calculation ca be built in several different ways; the following is a recommendation of one such way to build a mechanical calculation in Strutt:

The example below shows that, after inserting the duct elements of a hypothetical duct run, there is an exceedance of the design curve at low frequencies. This excess curve then gives a good first estimate of the amount of attenuation required.

Please see the help pages for each function for more details on the range of applicability and the requirements for input parameters (e.g. some of the duct attenuation calculations are only valid for ducts within a particular size or aspect ratio range).

Happy Strutting!

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