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Weighted Sound Reduction Index Rating (Rw)

Strutt|Criteria|Ratings|Sound Insulation|Rw calculates the single figure weighted value of the active row of the worksheet in accordance with ISO717.1 (2004). Note that the reference curve of ISO717.1 is applicable to several parameters, and so this function will return the Dw, Dn,w and DnT,w values as well as the Rw rating, although the cell displays Rw.

Strutt|Criteria|Ratings|Sound Insulation|Rw+Ctr calculates the sum of the single figure Rw value and the spectrum adaption term Ctr, as defined in ISO717.1 (2004).

Strutt|Criteria|Ratings|Sound Insulation|Rw(C;Ctr) calculates the single figure Rw value as well as the spectrum adaption terms C and Ctr, as defined in ISO717.1 (2004).

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