Strutt Help

Insert Absorption Coefficient Data

Strutt|Input Data|Library|Absorption allows the user to insert sound absorption coefficients from either Strutt's internal data, a database of generic materials, or the Arup Acoustics Intranet Absorption Database into the active row of the worksheet.

The user may view all absorption coefficients or may restrict the search to a specific category using the drop-down menu. Option buttons are used to switch between the databases. The intranet database is accessed through Arup Acoustics London network, and so in other locations there may be a brief delay while data is retrieved. When switching from one data category to another, the categories in the drop down menu are automatically updated to display the available categories in each database.

1/3 octave absorption coefficients are converted to 1/1 octave coefficients by taking the arithmetic average of each set of 1/3 octave values.

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