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Save Data in Current Row to UserData    1/1

Saves the custom Octave Band Data from the current row into the UserData sheet in the StruttUserData file (stored at c:\program files\Oasys\OvaExcel\StruttUserData.xls)

Additional information can be provided in the Update User Data dialogue box.

The data can then be retrieved during any future calculations from the Strutt|Input Data|User Defined Data menu item.

Save Current Row as User Data is also available from the context sensitive (right-click) menu.

As an alternative, data can be added directly UserData sheet in the StruttUserData.xls file (under C:\Program Files\Oasys\OvaExcel\).

Note that the Strutt install procedure automatically saves a backup of the StruttUserData.xls file whenever a new version of Strutt is downloaded. The backup is called StruttUserData_Backup.xls and stored in C:\Program Files\Oasys\OvaExcel\.

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