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VIC EPA 1826.4 Tonality    1/3,1/3LF

Strutt|Environmental Noise|Tonality|VIC EPA 1826.4 Tonality assesses the tonality of a 1/3 octave band sound pressure level spectrum by calculating the tone-corrected broadband level `L_(TC)`, in accordance with Annex C of VIC EPA Noise Limit and Assessment Protocol, 1826.4.

The input spectrum should be unweighted.

`L_(TC)` is calculated as follows:

The user should calculate the `L_(TC)` for a selection of noise samples.

At least three samples must be made. Each sample must have a duration of at least one second and must represent the tonal character of the noise. The sum of the duration of the samples analysed must be at least 24 seconds.

The tonal correction can then be calculated as follows:


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