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Source Height Correction (CONCAWE)    1/1

Strutt|Environmental Noise|CONCAWE Source Height Correction inserts attenuation into the active row of the worksheet.

The source height correction, K5 is calculated using ground attenuation (K3), meteorological attenuation (K4), source height (hs), receiver height (hr) and propagation distance (d), where:

For `(K_3 + K_4) > 3 dB`,

`K_5 = (K_3 + K_4 + 3)(gamma - 1) dB`

`gamma` is obtained from the Figure 9 (see reference) as a function of the grazing angle `psi`, where:

`psi = tan^-1((h_s + h_r)/d)`

`h_s` and `h_r` are the source and receiver heights respectively.

`K_5 = 0`, for `(K_3 + K_4) < -3 dB`


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