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Speech Levels (Klark-Teknik)    1/1, 1/3

Strutt|Input Data|Empirical|Speech Levels inserts typical sound power levels for human speech into the current row of the worksheet.

The user may select to use the Klark Teknik published levels, or the levels from Olsen.

For the Olsen method, which only includes data in the 1/3 octave bands from 125 Hz to 8 kHz, Strutt assumes that the 100 Hz value is the same as the 125 Hz value, and that the 10 kHz value is the same as the 8 kHz for determination of octave-band sound power levels)

Both methodologies provide speech levels at 1m in free field (anechoic chamber conditions). Strutt converts these into sound power levels using the Point Source calculation.

The user may select between male/female voice (Klark-Teknik) or between male/female/child (Olsen) and for different levels of vocal effort:


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