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%ALCONS Calculation    1/1,1/3

Strutt|Electroacoustics|%ALcons calculates the articulation loss of consonants as a percentage and inserts the result into the active row of the work sheet.

Strutt implements the formula as:

`%AL_(cons) = (200 \ D_2^2 \ RT^2 \ N_(t ot))/(VQMN_(dir))`

`RT` is the reverberation time, s
`V` is the room volume, m3
`N_(t ot)` is the total number of loud speakers
`N_(dir)` is the number of loudspeaker contributing to direct (early) sound
`Q` is the directivity factor of source
`M` is a specialist modifier (assume M=1 for most situations)
`D_2` is the furthest distance from loudspeaker, m

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