Strutt Acoustics

Acoustic calculation software for building, transport, industrial and environmental applications

Let Strutt take care of the calculations

Strutt makes doing acoustic calculations in Microsoft Excel a breeze, by providing hundreds of integrated functions.
It helps acoustic consultants, mechanical services engineers, builders and contractors to build up powerful acoustics and vibration calculations quickly and accurately.
Strutt takes care of the calculations, so you can get on with the thinking, designing and advising! If you value your time, and charge your clients by the hour, then Strutt will pay for itself in just a few calculations.

Who we help

Strutt is already helping thousands of acoustic consultants, mechanical engineers, builders and contractors to do their job, by making calculations of noise and vibration quick and easy.

Whether you’re designing an office, apartment block, road, railway, theatre or concert hall, Strutt has a toolbox of calculations to help.

Why choose Strutt?

Acoustic Engineers around the world choose Strutt because it works the way they do – harnessing the power and simplicity of Microsoft Excel to help organise their data and undertake noise and vibration predictions

It’s all backed by comprehensive technical descriptions of every calculation, so you always know exactly what is going on.

Arup Acoustics Expertise

Strutt has been designed and built by the Acoustic Engineers at Arup, one of the world’s largest and most respected acoustic consultancies.

Strutt had 10 years of use and development at Arup before being released commercially in 2016. We continuously improve and add functions to Strutt to make it even better and adapt to changing regulatory requirements and standards.

Want to know more?

Contact us today to arrange for a trial license. Strutt is easily installed as a Microsoft Excel Plug-In and it’s easy and intuitive to use – if your engineers are already doing acoustic calculations in Excel, then they’ll be up and running with Strutt in no time.

Strutt is competitively priced – if you value your time, and charge your clients by the hour, then Strutt will pay for itself in just a few calculations.

What our users say about Strutt

I have come to depend on Strutt for certain calculations and I can hardly imagine being without it for even a day. I am excited to have Strutt as a permanent addition to our acoustic toolbox.
David Marsh, President, Marsh/PMK International, LLC

Strutt is the most useful piece of software we have. Period. It’s powerful, cost effective, up-to-date and super easy to use. Being an Acoustic Consultant means regularly having to consider new scenarios and Strutt makes it easy to find the best solution to the problem.
Richard Finley, Technical Director, Acoustics, Agile Engineering Consultants, NZ

What we really like about STRUTT is that it provides both a simple, easy to follow structure and a great deal of useful tools. The countless hours we save in data processing and peer review allows us to focus more on the results that matter most.
Luke Zoontjens, Technical Director, Acoustics & Vibration, SLR Consulting Australia

Strutt is a highly recommended acoustic calculation package that integrates with Excel. It allow users to focus on the acoustic solution rather than coding, scripting and checking acoustic equations. The Strutt team provides regular software updates which is a bonus.
Suan Wee Tan, Radian Acoustics, Singapore

Strutt has to be the go-to acoustic software for consultants, its utility and transparency make it a hugely valuable resource.
Nick Antonio, Principal, Antonio Acoustics, USA

To get a free trial copy of Strutt, or to find out more about how Strutt can help you, please contact us at: